Thursday, 7 March 2013

Homework 7/3/2013

S and W
-Learn the introduction steps and practice the other steps

-Comment on the post on the blog

-Hand up the worksheet lao shi gave us yesterday

-Do the supplementary worksheet (given last week)

-Sign your Level Test Papers

-Finish up your stories


Monday, 4 March 2013

Physics File Format (5/3/2013)

1) Lab Safety Pack
2) Diagnostic Test (not with us)
3) Lesson 01 Worksheet
4) Lesson 01 Additional Practice
5) Lesson 01 Additional Material
6) Lesson 01 Supplementary Material
7) Lesson 01 Homework
8) Lesson 02 Worksheet
9) Lesson 02 Homework and Additional Practice
10) Lesson 03 Worksheet
11) Lesson 03 Supplementary Material 1
12) Lesson 03 Supplementary Material 2
13) Class Activity
14) Lesson 03 Homework
15) 2013 Level Test 1 Revision Worksheet
16) Level Test 1 Revision Practice
17) 2012 Secondary 2 Level Test 4
18) 2013 Secondary 2 Level Test 1 (not returned to us)
19) Lesson 04 Worksheet

Reminder: Science Files are due tomorrow.


Saturday, 2 March 2013

Homework 1/3/2013

-The interview thing (we will be given time to do it on Tuesday)

-The worksheet she gave us
-Refer to the photo below

-Finish up the Story in the group journals

-5 Archives, 5 Reflections and Diagnostic Test, plus cover page, or else you'll be history xP

-Refer to the picture here

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Homework 28/2/2013

-No Homework yay :)

-Do the script for the interview video


Dance (S and W)
-Practice the steps (you don't say) especially the second chorus

Good luck for Geography ^^


Tuesday, 26 February 2013

中学华文高级课本 2A page 60

Here are the answers in case you have not copied them down yet.


Homework 27/2/2013

-Draw your graph with the curves

I and E
-Marketing Survey (Pictures below)

-习字 (from the worksheet given yesterday, 5 times each word)
-Read 逗号 for this week
-读报 for this week
-Learn 听写 (Next week)
-Buy A3 folder to put 逗号

-Character Map for Hitchhiker

Good luck for Level Tests ^^


Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Homework 6/2/2013

-Return files next Wednesday
-Page 10 of Worksheet 03: Electric Currents and Circuits

I and E
-Post a link/screenshot of your mindmap in a comment on the I and E blog by 23:59:59 tonight.

Higher Chinese
-Learn Chapter 4 Spelling words

(Quizlet Link here: )

-The worksheet with the creepy girl staring at you
-Record your reading of Lesson 4 and post it in the Facebook group.

-Research Perfect Square online
-Math Worksheet page 1

-Wear S and W tomorrow
-Hand up the GIRO form by Friday

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Homework 4/2/2013

English (Oral Communication)
-Comment on your friend's video if you have not already done so.
-Finish your Podcast (Happiest/Worst day of my life)
-Write out the script of your Podcast.

^All due by the next lesson. Slides will be uploaded on the googlesite

-Get ready for VIVA (Week 10)
-Compile all the Lit. Reviews into one document.
-Start completing the report.
-Remember to post meeting notes.

-Learn Chinese Spelling (HCL people)
-Wear S and W tomorrow.
-Start revising for Level Test 1~
-Bring History file (2 archive articles minimum) tomorrow.


Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Homework 23/1/2013

-File check next week

-Organise Chinese file
-Workbook pg. 3, 4 and 5 if you have not already done so

-Water Cycle Video by next lesson.

I and E
-Do branding and products (individual) by next lesson. (Comment on blog)

-Wear S and W tomorrow.

Monday, 21 January 2013

Homework 21/1/2013

-Post your findings on the Science blog (due Tuesday 6pm)

-Lit Reviews (individual) to be up by next lesson

I and E
-Branding activity (due Tuesday 23 59)

-Learn spelling (on Wednesday)
-Page 26 of Textbook

-Print out your cover page
-Complete your archive article

-Take a picture of your water cycle drawing and insert it into your Ejournal

-Hand up Exam circular
-Dance tomorrow, please wear S and W and bring school uniform to change after recess
-Finish your personal goals poster. Email it to Mr Yeo if you want him to help you print


Saturday, 19 January 2013

Homework 18/1/2013

-Oral Presentation on Monday

-pg. 19-22 of Lecture Notes (due on Monday)

-Lit Review (due on Monday)

I and E
-Create your own brand, including which industry it specialises in and a tagline. Due next I and E lesson

-Picture of your water cycle drawing (due next Wednesday)

-at least 1 archive article
-Cover page (and dividers) by Tuesday

Other reminders
-Personal Goals Poster (if you want Mr Yeo to print it for you, email it to him)


Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Homework 16/1/2013

-Do Q3, 4, 7, 8 in math lecture notes (due tmr)

I and E
-Create your own brand

Higher Chinese
-The worksheet (due on Friday)

-Literature Review

-Make your archive cover
-Write your article

Other reminders: 
-Make your CE poster


Homework 15/1/2013

-Oral Presentation (due next Monday)
-bring file


-Diagnostic Test (Due Saturday)

Higher Chinese
-The worksheet from quizlet (due Friday)
-Learn spelling (tomorrow!!!)

-File due tomorrow
-Homework 1

-One archive article (at least)
-file cover page
-file due on Friday

-I and E Branding Activity (Due tomorrow)
-AUP (signed)


Monday, 14 January 2013

Homework 14/1/2013

-Those groups that have not presented yet, please be prepared to present next Monday.

-Questions 1-8 of algebraic fractions. Do NOT do question 4. Done on FOOLSCAP.

-Checkpoints 4 and 5.


Friday, 11 January 2013

Homework 11/1/2013

-Storyboarding if you are not done

-Presentation on Monday
-Continue to bring file

-Tier B Q1-6
-Tier C (optional)

-Workbook pg 1-2

-Do the notes (balls on string simulation)
-Bring files

-Bring dividers and file

-Do the diagnostic test if you have not already done so.


Thursday, 10 January 2013

Homework 10/1/2013

-Post comments on the reflections if you have not already done so.
-Presentation next Monday.

-Q1-Q6 of Tier B on foolscap.
-Tier C on foolscap (optional).

-Workbook pg. 1-2.

-Read up on storyboarding.
-Finish and submit your story if you have not already done so.

I and E:
-Branding post. Wait for invitation.

-Elearning Worksheet. Email to Lin sensei.
-Copy passage.
-Buy Japanese foolscap.
-Check the portal regularly


Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Homework 9/1/2013

-Bring Eng file next lesson
-Do Ms Ng's Diagnostic Test (Due next Monday)
-Do the reflections on the English blog. (Due next Tuesday)

-Remember to complete pages 4-7. Tier C is optional. Due next lesson.

-Download the simulation and make sure your notes are complete.

-Bring History file and dividers next lesson.
-Do research on India, China and (argh I still can't find that country's name sorry!).

-Bring your max 20cm x 20cm x 20cm figurine.

Additional Reminders:
-Wear S & W tomorrow.
-For those who get cold easily, bring a jacket on the days when we have Geography :D


Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Homework 8/1/2013

-Diagnostic Test (Ms Ng's) due next Monday

-Page 4-6 of the notes and question 2 of page 7. Tier C is optional, do it if you have time.

-Sign the Lab Safety Notes and file it, Ms Toh will check.

-Buy Yellow file and bring dividers next lesson.
-Do some reading up on the history of India, China and (Sorry I forgot the name of that place argh help!!!).


Thursday, 3 January 2013

Reminders 3/1/2013

This isn't really considered homework so...

-The groups that have yet to finish their research on their respective homes (SST Heartbeat), please complete your presentations.
-Hand in the New Year Card to Ji Hao by tomorrow.
-Temperature taking is on next Monday (7/1/2013), so please make sure you have a working thermometer ~

I guess that's all.


Science Curriculum 2013

The information comes from the slides that were shown in the briefing today. Some of the information has yet to be confirmed, so I will update it later.

Science Curriculum
Term 1 (Physics)
-Refraction and Total Internal Reflection
-Current Electricity and DC Circuits

Term 2 (Biology)
-Flow of Energy
-Energy Conservation 

Term 3 (ISS)
-Research-based project 

Big Idea: Systems
-A System is a whole consisting of parts that work together to perform a function. Parts of a system influence each other. 
-There are natural and man-made systems.

And in case you want to know...

Triple Science Requirements
-At least 70% for Math and Science
-Minimum Overall Subject Requirement: 65%
-More details will be provided soon~


Science Assessments 2013

The information here comes from the slides that were shown at the briefing today, so some of the information has not been confirmed. I will update it as soon as possible.

Level Test 1 (Term 1 Week 8): 10% of overall
Performance Task (Term 1 Week 10 to Term 2 Week 7): 10% of overall
Common Test 2 (Term 2 Week 6): 20% of overall
ISS (Term 3 Week TBC): 20% of overall
End of Year Examinations (Term 4 Week 3 to Term 4 Week 4): 40% of overall

File Checks:
-End of Term 1
-Middle of Term 3


Mathematics Assessments 2013

The information comes from the slides that were shown in the briefing today. Some of the information has yet to be confirmed, so I will update it later.

Term 1
Level Test 1: 10% of overall 
Authentic Assessment (ICT, MacBooks will be used): 5% of overall 
Authentic Assessment (Viva Voce): 5% of overall 

Term 2
Common Test: 20% of overall 

Term 3
Level Test 2: 10% of overall 
Math Paper 3: (ICT, MacBooks will be used): 10% of overall 

Term 4
End of Year Examination : 40% of overall

*Note: Diagnostic Tests will be conducted at the start and end of every unit taught.



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