Thursday, 3 January 2013

Science Curriculum 2013

The information comes from the slides that were shown in the briefing today. Some of the information has yet to be confirmed, so I will update it later.

Science Curriculum
Term 1 (Physics)
-Refraction and Total Internal Reflection
-Current Electricity and DC Circuits

Term 2 (Biology)
-Flow of Energy
-Energy Conservation 

Term 3 (ISS)
-Research-based project 

Big Idea: Systems
-A System is a whole consisting of parts that work together to perform a function. Parts of a system influence each other. 
-There are natural and man-made systems.

And in case you want to know...

Triple Science Requirements
-At least 70% for Math and Science
-Minimum Overall Subject Requirement: 65%
-More details will be provided soon~


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